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Don’t miss any candies again
MEET will help you get more EOS ecological candies, and MEET.ONE Token airdrop will start soon.
Candy Box
Not just asset management
MEET is a kind of EOS ecological gateway allowing you to take part in EOS ecological development.
Asset Managment
By managing all app assets on the primary chain and side chain in the EOS ecology, MEET will help users manage and exchange EOS ecological assets with ease. MEET provides a user-friendly interactive interface provided, and all user assets are safely stored on the EOS public net.
MEET will help users participate in node voting and publishes the status and information of all nodes. Node revenue will be used to upgrade node services and support the community constitution.
The founding team holding MEET tokens can submit project materials and launch crowd funding on the MEET platform. The platform is connected in a way that reduces the costs of communications between users and the founding team. In addition, the MEET team will screen the teams to minimize investment risks for users.
DApp Gateway
MEET is also the gateway to EOS DApps; it explores high-quality EOS apps, facilitates the flow of products, and participates in the development of EOS ecology. MEET is poised to become the world’s largest EOS traffic gateway in the future.
News and Community
EOS information webwide will be consolidated and an EOS contents community will be created. High-quality contents will be accumulated. The contents team will incentivize community contents creation and build EOS ecology.
Clear Roadmap
Each step counts.
October 2017 Project officially launched
December 2017 Prototype planning completed and DEMO developed
March 2018 Promotion started and community built
June 2018 User-end products come online
October 2018 MEET side chain released
2019 Participates in developing EOS global ecology and creating MEET ecology
Distribution and Usage
Team to stay focused on R&D for four years
Distribution Plan
for the public
held by the team
held by funds
for early investors
Usage Plan
for team expansion and R&D funding
as contingency reserve
*MEET total quantity: 10 billion, with 50% in circulation
Founding Team
The MEET team boasts product operation and development experience with users numbering in the hundreds of millions.
Goh Goh has eight years’ experience with the mobile Internet and previously worked for Alibaba and Mozat, Singapore. He boasts product design experience with users numbering in the hundreds of millions.
Chow Liqun Chow has years of startup and blockchain experience. Passionate about Bitcoin and other blockchain assets, he holds sizable investments in multiple blockchain projects. He is also a private placement fund manager and a foreign exchange trader.
Dmitri Prokopenko Dmitri is a long term resident of China. Fluent in Mandarin, founder of several language schools and ex-CEO of Water Energy, a new energy startup in Xiamen. Crypto analyst and investor, supporting projects like TenX, IOTA, LBC and Steem.
Xie Chao Xie has more than ten years’ experience with Internet development, having supervised the development of Ctrip’s air ticket platform, Rings. tv, and Fulda Pay. He is an expert in the payment field with extensive online payment experience. He is currently CTO of Fulda Pay Pte Ltd. His joining of MEET.ONE is expected to boost the EOS payment function.
Ng Ng is a full-stack engineer with seven years’ experience in front- and back-end R&D. He previously worked for and, he has rich experience in product R&D.
Fu YuFei Fu holds a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University and a master’s degree from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. Previously, he worked in turn for Anacle System limited, Mozat, and, engaged in back-end development. He has project experience with million-level concurrency.
Jie BOBO Jie graduated from Northeast Normal University and has more than ten years’ experience in customer-end development. He was once the customer-end leader of and later immigrated to Singapore, where he worked as Android iOS customer-end leader for He has unique insights into customer-end optimization and development.
Grace Zeng Zeng is a recipient of Singapore’s Young Leader Award, which was presented by the President. He graduated from the Department of Information Engineering at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. He once worked for Panasonic and served at a publishing house a few years. He was also a columnist for the Friday Weekly, a publication run by Singapore Press Holdings.
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